Quotes from Feisty Ladies

Quotes from Feisty Ladies

“Women have the inner power to accomplish anything we set out to do. It is patriarchy which prevents women from reaching our full potential. Isn’t it time that we dismantle patriarchy and put in place a gender responsive culture”

Amina Mama, Feminist Activist



“Eti ngwinji atambe! Atambie kitu gain?”
Siti Khadija Kopa, Diva

“Amazing how men criticize women for something perfectly natural, i.e. growing old, when men suffer from a similar affliction. Moreover, their pot bellies, receding hair lines snoring and eye gum is not particularly attractive, they also belch.”
Mama Jitto Ram, Activist.

Mama Jitto Ram, Activist







“Am wise, but it is wisdom full of pain,

Yes, I have paid the price, but look at what I have gained.

Am Strong; Am Invincible; Am Woman”

Helen Reddy, Singer, 1972


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