International Women’s Day IWD March 8, 2023

International Women’s Day IWD March 8, 2023

Messages from Leila’s Cafe

YES, we have made strides in moving forward the Women’s Rights Agenda.

Yes, we have organized ourselves, as advocates for women’s rights, into a cohesive Movement.

Yes, we have more women in leadership positions in Tanzania.

Yes, the rights and protection of children has become a priority.

Yes, women are more vocal; more visible; more assertive.

Yes, women’s contribution to national development has been recognised.

Yes, we have women friendly legislation and policies in place.

What we now want is:

■ To break the poverty cycle which has entrenched women in poverty.
It can be done with capacity building and opportunities for growth.

■ Eliminate gender based violence GBV which is still taking place in our communities.

■ Hold our policy makers and budget planners accountable to ensure we have gender progressive national budgets.

■ We want more for the protection of women and children.
Meaning more social workers; more trained law enforcers to deal with violence against women and children; more Gender Desks in places of employment and in learning institutions.

Together, we can make it happen

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