About Me

Leila Sheikh

  • What value would my blog add to Tanzania’s society?
  • Do I really have anything new to add to the wave of blogging going on in my country?
  • Would becoming a blogger turn me into a self focused, narcissistic person?
  • Would I be imposing my values on Tanzanian society, especially on Social Justice?


So many questions kept churning in my mind.
However, being a journalist and writer; a producer of documentary films; and a Social Justice Defender; gave me the impetus to start Leila’s Cafe.

Leila’s Cafe I decided should focus on issues that matter, issues that would make a difference, which would impart information and also be a platform to do advocacy for Social Justice.
Hence, the debut of Leila’s Cafe is dedicated to Social Justice.
Karibu/Welcome to Leila’s Cafe.
Let us take this journey together and make a road map which would protect the Rights and Security of women and of the Girl Child.
Spirit Women who heal people who are emotionally disturbed through dance; Special Hearing on probate for AIDS widows; Women Food Vendors and the challenges they face while eking meager incomes from selling food, are among the issues for conversation in the debut of Leila’s Cafe.

Let  us all blossom.
Together, we can make it happen.

Leila Sheikh